Hello Coco lovers! Welcome to Coco Dripped Berries & Treats LLC. We are a minority, female-owned small business that specializes in gourmet chocolate covered strawberries and other delicious treats that will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. Our products are made using the finest Belgium chocolate and 100% Organic Cacao Butter. Our gourmet strawberries are offered in over 50 artisan chocolate flavors that are created using natural products that are non-GMO, kosher (Parve). While taste remains critical to our mission, it was not spared when offering our mouthwatering, Gluten friendly, Sugar-Free and Vegan friendly options. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy or indulge. Give them as a gift or gift them to yourself. Like our slogan states, "there's nothing else like 'em". Whether satisfying an extreme sugar "fix" or simply enjoying a sweet but healthier alternative, let Coco Dripped Berries & Treats LLC fulfill your dessert craving.

Great taste means the world to us - and probably to you too. That's why we choose our chocolate wisely - simply because it's a key ingredient in many of our dishes. And its taste is more than the skill of the chocolate maker. That's why we support fair-trade, sustainable chocolate farming through the Cocoa Horizons© Program. It starts at the source, with the love and passion of the cocoa farmers. Their care for the soil, the forests and the earth make the cocoa trees thrive. Their craftsmanship yields better cocoa beans, full of taste. To guarantee that the farmers thrive, get the best out of their crops and earn a fair price for their crop, we make a choice for sustainable Belgian chocolate. Most important, part of the revenue of this chocolate is invested in training programs for women in West Africa. These programs empower women in turning their entrepreneurial dreams into real business and become successful cocoa farmers. In turn, these women-farmers become financially independent and can support their families better. Full Circle right!?

We at Coco Dripped Berries & Treats LLC have 3 pillars that create our mission: Safety, Quality, and Taste. Safety always remains our highest priority. We go through a rigorous training process to ensure all food safety standards are met as the pertain to the FDA, USDA, and local health department regulations. Our staff are all Certified Food Safety handlers. Quality is our next important factor. Coco Dripped Berries & Treats LLC ensures the highest quality ingredients are used when creating our products. Every fruit is inspected upon receipt, cleaned using a proprietary blend fruit cleaner, and properly stored to preserve freshness. Our Belgium couverture chocolate, which can be traced back to its origin, is not only sustainable but its taste is impeccable. That brings us to our last pillar, taste. Our products underwent extensive market research and tested through the roof in the taste/aesthetics category. Though everyone's taste is different, we assure you that there is something for you to fall in love with.