Satisfy Your Craving For Chocolate

Order a chocolate dipped-dessert from Coco Dripped Berries & Treats

Have you been craving a sweet treat? Don't neglect your cravings any longer. Order a decadent chocolate dessert from Coco Dripped Berries & Treats LLC. Made with ethically sourced cocoa and fresh fruit, our desserts are sure to satisfy.

We're also dedicated to providing our guests with lots of options. That's why you'll find desserts that are:

Gluten friendly
Vegan friendly

Pick up the phone and call us at 757-881-1177 to learn more about our menu offerings.

A dessert company that makes a difference

When you order chocolate desserts from Coco Dripped Berries & Treats, you aren't just supporting a small, female and minority-owned business. You're also supporting training programs for women in West Africa. We've partnered with the Cocoa Horizons Program to help women farmers become financially independent, support their families and thrive as successful cocoa farmers.

If you want to support an important cause while also indulging in luxury chocolates, place an order with us today.

Share the sweets at your next event

The only thing better than enjoying a sweet treat yourself is sharing it with friends. When you're planning a special event, order some chocolate-dipped treats from us. We can whip up a special order to make your event that much more special. Whether it's a business meeting or a house party, you and your guests are sure to love our treats.

Want to place a special order? Don't hesitate to contact us.